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Dentist overview

We welcome your referral to the clinic. Be reassured we will only do what is best for your patient and guarantee to return your patient to your care following the specific treatment you have requested.

Dispute Advice

We treat patients and also offer advice to referring dentists with both technical and dispute problems. Endodontics is a very demanding skill which if it does not always go to plan can leave the practitioner with an unhappy patient intent on redress.

We are here to mediate in these situations to allow the practitioner peace of mind that his difficulties will be appreciated and explained as well as providing the most reliable and successful treatment for the patient so that both are happy with the result.
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Specialist Treatment

All the endodontists working within the clinic are on the GDC's Specialist Dental Lists. These lists have been established to provide dentistry with similar referral processes that have served medicine so successfully for years.

We start with an accurate case assessment, which involves good quality long cone periapical radiograph. We use digital radiography which eliminates chemicals and allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis. We use all the latest technological advances to give your patient the best possible care and coordinate fully with your own clinical needs.

Specialist treatment

Skilled diagnosis

Skilled diagnosis

All the endodontists at the clinic have vast experience in restorative dentistry as well as Endodontics and often collaborate on difficult diagnoses. Our extensive experience in diagnosing often subtle and perhaps conflicting symptoms which may be of Occlusal, TMJ, or Periodontal origin allows us to make accurate diagnoses, even when teeth are heavily restored and symptoms are vague.

Technical abilities

Technical abilities

Endodontic treatment can be complex and demanding - as well as very frustrating when difficulties are encountered. To prepare for the unexpected, we equip our practice with the most modern and effective tools and procedures and tools. These include an operating microscope, Ozone therapy, digital scanning, self adjusting file technology, and specialist cart delivery systems for all the medication.

Post and Cores

Restoration of the Endodontically treated tooth is an integral part of the success of root canal therapy and we in the clinic have a vast amount of experience in placing cast post and cores and  Fibre glass post/composite cores Do let us know if you want us to place the post and core at the time of the root therapy. See Referral form.

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